Tuesday, August 25, 2020

God Always Shows up Big

(Guest Post - Ciara M. Blecka)

There was a time in my life when I was frustrated with God. I never had any doubts that God existed. I attended a private Christian school when I was in kindergarten and first grade and got the solid foundation I needed to understand religion and make critical decisions when it came to deciding what specific faith to believe in. 


But for a long time God and I weren’t on the best terms. I thought he wasn’t listening to my prayers. I kept up a relationship with God over the years, but I decided not to be Christian. 

In later years, my relationship with God gradually evolved and changed on its own, even though God continued to ignore my prayers. I eventually decided that even though I was a practicing Buddhist, that I wanted to be a Christian, and got interested in following a lot of Christian posts on Facebook. 

I bought a Bible and a book on Christian theology and started listening to more Christian rock with the intention of maybe just letting myself understand things better now that I was more mature. I stayed open to the idea of what God may be trying to teach me without making any assumptions or decisions.


And as I started to have success as a professional author and I made my official website as an author, something interesting happened: the main photo on the website that I chose had a woman writing something down in a notebook and she had a book open in front of her. I didn’t know it when I used the picture, but after the website was up and posted, I looked at the writing on the book, and it’s upside down, but it says GOD ALWAYS SHOWS UP BIG. So it felt like God had made a personal phone call to me. 


Now I know God has always been on my side and I’m certainly willing to give him credit for all the success he has given me so far in my career. So even if you think God’s not listening--believe me, he is.