Monday, July 26, 2021

Removing the Cover from your Christian Relationship

I want to challenge you to develop a more authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. As much as we talk about how it's about a personal relationship, do we really take it far enough?  Do we really spend real time with God everyday?  Do we really dive deep into the word?  Do you in your prayer time actively seek the face of God? 

That is my challenge to you today. Go deeper with your walk with God.  Take it further.  Spend more time with God.  I'm saying challenge yourself to really spend time with Him.  Set a goal of 45 minutes a day, or an hour a day, or more. Fast and pray regularly. 

Develop the relationship and make it a passionate love relationship.  Go further with it.  Go deeper in with God.  That's what I'm challenging myself to do.  

I don't want to be a luke-warm Christian.  I don't want to be a hypocrite who pretends to be in relationship, but barely puts any work into it.  I want to be so in love with Jesus Christ that it bursts forth out of my being. 

I want to take it so far that it begins to feel unthinkable to ever sin. 

I want to have a zeal for evangelism and actively sharing the gospel every day. 

I hope that's what you want too. 

When you pray, seek God's face. Soak in His glorious presence. Delight in the Lord. Seek His will and plan for your life.

Seeking God's face is a practical thing you can do in prayer. What I do is repeat the phrase, "Lord, I seek your face." What this does is helps you access God's presence during prayer, and then once you've accessed God's presence you begin to sense His will for your life and what He is calling you to do. Seek His face.  Soak in His presence. Soaking is a practice of repeating the phrase "Lord, I delight in you." And as you do, you'll begin to feel the joy of the Lord wash over you, usually after about 20 minutes.  It's an amazing experience of washing in His presence. Try it. It's amazing. 

Live out holiness. Challenge yourself to grow spiritually. Be a real, on fire Christian who passionately loves Jesus and lives actively serving Him.

What would it take to have a daily conscious contact with God? What would it take to practice the presence of God everyday just like Brother Lawrence? That's what I want. A daily walk with God, where I'm living in the 4th dimension of existence, and every moment is guided by my relationship with God.  

I hope you want that too. Fight for that. Fight for your walk with Jesus.  Stoke your fire. Keep it burning brightly.  That's my challenge to you today!