Wednesday, August 18, 2021

5 Practical Ideas for Daily Gospel Sharing

How can I witness and share the gospel on a daily basis? That is the prime question. We can understand the theology, and the command, to go to all the world, but how do we practically do it? I'd like to share five ideas with you about how to do that in your daily 9 to 5 life. 

1. Fast food drive through - Go online or to a local Christian store and purchase some Jesus bumper stickers. I've got two on my vehicle.  One says "Powered by Jesus" and the other says "Jesus Saves" with a silhouette of the cross. Then go to your local drive through, anywhere really, somewhere you like to go, Wendys, Chick-fil-A, McDonalds, Starbucks, Bigby, whatever it might be. I go to Tim Hortons a lot.  Then you place your order, pay at the window, and then ask to pay for the person behind you. Pay for their meal/coffee, whatever, and as you drive away pray that they would come to know Jesus as savior, and would recognize the gift is from Jesus. 

This is a great indirect way to witness. They noticed your bumper stickers, believe me, when you're sitting in the car you're kinda bored so you're looking around at anything that stands out.  They may be thinking thoughts that are hostile to Christians, maybe, maybe not, but they'll be surprised to be told that their meal was paid for. Hard to ignore that random act of kindness. And they know it's from a Christian.

2. Give a Tract, Drop a Tract - I get free tracts in the mail every month, it's easy to sign up if you'd like them as well. I receive from the Bezeugen Tract Club.  Click here to visit and sign up.  But there are many other options just Google free tracts. 

Then keep the tracts in your wallet/purse. I also keep them in my car and at work.  

You can give them out at the drive through, after you pay hand it to the person at the register.  You can give them out at the store, after you pay just hand them one.  Also, something I like to do is stick them on community bulletin boards around town for people to grab if they're curious.  Also, you can leave them around stores for people to see. Something I like to do is put them on the toilet after using a public restroom.  But be creative, you can leave them almost anywhere, or hand them out almost anywhere.  But here's a pro tip: Always pray after you give or drop one. That prayer is powerful, pray that someone would find it at just the right moment in their life, and that they would come to know Jesus as savior. Always soak your evangelism in prayer.  

3. Mini Free Libraries - In almost every area of the United States at least, there are mini free libraries all over the place. There must be about 10+ in my little town of Owosso, Michigan. So here's what you do: Visit some thrift stores and purchase Bibles, devotionals, and Christian books in general from the thrift stores. Then you make a list of the locations of the mini free libraries in your town. Then you visit each of them every few weeks, or once a month, or quarterly, and place a few of those Christian books in each of them. Then you pray over the books and ask the Lord to bring the right person at the right time to get the books you drop and come to know Jesus, or grow deeper in their walk with Jesus as a result.  Fairly simple, but effective. 

4. Prayer walker/driver - As you drive about your daily life, or walk around town, or mull about the office, or even watch people walking by your house on the sidewalk, do you know what you can do? You can pray quick prayers for these people one by one, all day long. As you walk, pray for people you see. As you drive, look into the cars as they go by, and pray for that person in Jesus name. Pray for your coworkers, pray for your friends, pray for your enemies, pray all day all the time for all the people.

You can pray over the entire town as well. You can pray over the county. You can pray over the state, the region, the nation, and the world. Pray all the time.  

5. Social media influencing - Facebook, twitter, instagram, Youtube, on and on the list goes. Do you know how many people you can influence in a day just by being an outspoken Christian on these platforms? Fifty? Hundreds? Thousands? Even millions? The sky is the limit.  It's pretty simple.  Post a scripture verse a day. On Facebook I'll often simply post the daily scripture on I'll follow all sorts of Christian pages on Facebook and reshare Christian quotes, scriptures, and videos. It's not rocket science. Share and reshare. Do it everyday. Add people to your friends list, gain new followers, and influence them for Jesus. 

Unless you're afraid? Ashamed of Christ? You best not be. Get to work. Spread the gospel.