Friday, August 13, 2021

What is your lightsaber color as a Christian?

Blue - you are a practical soldier in the army of Christ, your goal is to meet needs, preach the gospel, pound the ground, and fight off demonic forces in practical ways. You're a street fighter, a frontlines soldier.

Green - you're a spiritual warrior, you fight your battles in the spiritual realm, through deep prayer, fasting, spiritual disciplines, deep preaching, teaching and vibrant active connection with Christ. You are a commander, strategizing and planning the battle.

Purple - you have the gift of calling others to repentance, your discernment is strong, and you focus on fighting evil, which gives you an ambiguity, a fire in your eyes, a passion to fight evil, demons, and for justice. Some Christians think you're judgmental, even mean spirited, but God knows you are a warrior of love, with a strong call to change. You resemble the ancient OT prophets who spoke uncompromising truth.

Yellow - the yellow lightsaber is carried by evil sith who converted to jedi. You were once a servant of the darkness, but now you serve Jesus, which makes you twice as dangerous to the enemy, because you know all their secrets. These Christians are powerful and dangerous to the enemy. Purified sith lightsabers may also turn white when converted. 

Additionally, temple guards carry the yellow lightsaber. They are Ezekiel 33 defenders on the walls. 

Red - you're a progressive Christian, in other words, an apostate. You probably think you're fighting for social justice and equity, but in fact, you are simply in service of the evil one. Your emotions control you, truth is secondary to you, emotions are what matter. This is the way of the sith, who are guided by their passions, instead of the wisdom of the scriptures. Your main opponent is not sin or the devil, but Christians, who you hate the most.