Wednesday, November 17, 2021

The Best Evidence-Based Presentations on the Existence of God

I've been scammed a few times in life. Well, more than a few times. Have you ever received a cryptic invite to a mysterious event, only to discover that you've been hornswoggled into a pyramid scheme? Have you ever seen an appealing offer on television or in a magazine and signed up, only to realize you should've read the fine print? Yes, consumerist society has turned us all into skeptics. If someone comes to me and has suddenly decided they want to be my friend and be the one to initiate interactions, unfortunately, my first thought is, what are they going to try to sell me? Is it tupperware or essential oils?

Given this grim reality, I want facts, evidence, and reason when it comes to the things I believe. The same is true of my spiritual life. When I consider, who is God, what religion is real, and who is Jesus, and so on, I want to see the evidence. Show me the facts and then I can make an informed decision. Show me the fine print.  So, I submit for your inspection seven presentations giving reason, evidence, historical inquiry, and science in regard to God's existence, particularly in reference to Christianity's exposition of who God is. 

1. Prof. William Lane Craig - Why Should I Believe God Exists?

2. Prof. William Lane Craig - The Absurdity of Life without God

3. Prof. John Lennox - Cosmic Chemistry: Do Science and God Mix?

4. Prof. Frank Turek - Why would God make me a Lesbian?

5. Prof. Stephen Meyer - What is Intelligent Design?

6. Dr. Nabeel Qureshi - Jesus in Islam vs. Jesus in Christianity

7. Ken Ham - Science confirms the Bible