Friday, April 1, 2022

God Made them Male & Female: What is Man & Woman?

Today we live in a society set on redefining so many things, even the most basic things about life and ourselves, even gender and sexuality. Why? It goes down to the concept of worldview, and deconstructionism. Many in our society have been set on a course of deconstruction for decades now. They are set on digging down and pulling apart the ideologies, traditions, and basic assumptions in regard to everything we consider "real" about society, government, biology, science, religion, psychology, politics, and so on. 

Deconstruction is based in post-modern thought. Post-modernism views everything in life as relative, that there is no objective truth to reality. 

Now, think about this: Suppose you are a post-modernist for a moment.  You see all constructs of society as subjective false constructs of the past. 

So, something like male and female, woman and man, well, that's simply a vestigial organ, a false construct given to us by Christianity, and past traditionalism. And for post-modernism it's all about liberation, breaking free from past norms into the great empty unknown. 

So, then, we can redefine everything to mean what we want it to mean, to find liberation and freedom. So, many people indulge in the concept that hey, since nothing is true, we can redefine everything, marriage, family, even gender. We can make up our own genders. We can make up our own sexualities. We can make up whatever we want, because nothing is true in this belief system. 

That is why these things are happening. It all comes down to worldview. 

But, given that we know that God is really real, and Jesus Christ is really the savior of the world, and the Bible is actually the God-inspired guidebook that define's the universe we live in and the planet we live on, defining all it's boundaries and equations and systems perfectly, then we on the other side are absolutely horrified to see the world redefining the most basic concepts of God's society. 

When we see modern society redefining everything, what we see is the enemy of our souls at work, the Satan. The same ancient being who tempted Adam and Eve, that if they redefined truth to make it what they wanted, they would be "as gods." 

As I see it, that is where this is all going. This is headed toward self-deification. It's headed toward the worship of man. It's headed toward the redefinition of much more than just sexuality or gender. It's headed toward the redefinition of humanity, of life, of reality, indeed of everything. It's headed toward Christianity eventually being outlawed as hate speech. It's heading toward the eventual rise of an anti-Christ. Astonishing isn't it? 

Until then, however, know this, in accordance with Biblical truth: Not a single person in all of human history was born in the wrong body. Not one. Every single person ever born was born in the right body, the body God made for them. And from the beginning God made them male and female. That is God's design. It is simple, elegant, and effective. 

So why today then, are so many confused about gender and sexuality? Post-modernism. Deconstructionism. The lie of the serpent, 'you shall be as gods.' 

Don't be deceived. Continue to believe God's truth.