Saturday, November 26, 2022

What is the Essential Goal of Christianity?

Essentially for the Christian worldview, the goal is to find a world without sin. Every human on planet Earth can easily admit the problem of evil. But by default we seem to resist good, or struggle to understand it, and much more, struggle to live it. 

The Christian worldview says there is no direct solution within ourselves to solve it, of ourselves.

It's both a troubling scenario and also hopeful. Troubling in that the world we live in is hopelessly broken and we are broken and in sin. Hopeful in that there is a solution available, yet there is also a time limit on receiving it. 

As the clock ticks from birth to death, we experience our last opportunity. Our current lives right now are simply our last chance to return to God, because our ancestors rebelled against God. No other worldview, philosophy, or religion so clearly indicates the problem of evil in the world and in our own hearts, as Christianity. 

Most religions say we need to do good works to get back to God. But with Christianity, it's all about what Jesus Christ did. That his life, death, and resurrection secures for us eternal life, if we will believe in Jesus and repent (turn away from, discontinue) our sins. 

Then Jesus lives within us, and changes us from within, to bring us slowly into alignment with the new paradigm God is developing. We receive the Holy Spirit to guide us through life, and this sets us on the course back to Eden, to paradise, a new perfect Earth, where there is no sin. 

Of all religions, this seems to deal the most soberly with the deepest root of the problem. It calls me out on my nonsense directly, instead of dancing around the issue. 

Boiling it down to it's simplest form: Believe in Jesus, repent of sin, and live for God, then we're made ready for paradise. The paradise is a permanent civilizational construct intended to restore order beyond the great controversy of evil and destruction.