Thursday, July 4, 2013

Kingdom of America Psalm

A psalm written by Justin

O God - How your great cities in the land you once blessed,
Have become Babylons, one by one!
Oh Lord, my heart aches for my country,
Oh Lord, why must you be silent now?

The enemy does not approach from a far off nation
Oh Father, they have taken it from within
Like larva sins have polluted these oaks
Your great forests rot from the inside out
These forests shake in the wind, that they may fall
City by city

Oh Lord - why are you silent when we need you most?
I call on you Father, now, to redeem this nation
Turn not from cries of the holy remant!

Your people pushed aside Father,
They fear to speak your name in public,
The utterance of your voice is forbidden in the schools
Violence and chaos beset the cities

Those of the synagogue of Satan choose our leaders
They tempt us day and night with glowing screens
They take our God given liberty
These dead turn our children to their ways

Nothing is sacred in the land of the free Father
All has fallen to lust, greed, envy, and sloth
Is there no honor left in the windy city?
Is there no compassion left in the white capitol?

Your holy remnant fights for you Father
But too many battles are now losses
We are run over oh great LORD!
On every corner the wicked prosper

Our leaders serve your enemy
Our media corrupts the young
Our businesses feed on the poor
Our banks topple the world in their greed

Oh Father, we beg you to come to our rescue!
Oh Father, please, redeem these fallen children!
Oh Father, revive the last of the church!
Oh Father, restore your great nation!

In you oh God - I place my trust
You will strike down the enemies of your children
You will restore the pure of heart
You will give comfort to the lonely

You are already victorious in heaven
These things now must come on Earth

Heavenly Father, you are with your children
You will lift them up and make them strong
You will shine down on these cities
And lead judges to remind the people
That the day of the LORD is near!

I await your actions Father,
I wait on you patiently
One last revival in these last days
Rise the church in holy saving!