Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Five Vital Wisconsin Ministries: Please Support & Share

There are a lot of factors that play into a successful walk with Jesus Christ.  It's about relationship of course.  It's all about prayer and learning through the Bible.  Christian fellowship is vital too.  But then there are local and state ministries that are really a blessing along the way.  Here are some I'd like to encourage you to interact with and support.

1. Wisconsin Christian News
One of the few Christian newspapers still in business in Wisconsin, and the articles are very high quality.  There used to be over 120 Christian newspapers in our area of the Midwest but that has dropped down to less than a dozen.  So if you can support Wisconsin Christian News, please do!  We desperately need that message of Christian values in a world rapidly being pushed through the process of secularization.

2. 89Q Your Positive Hits Wisconsin Radio
89Q is a listener funded ministry that focuses on a positive Christian message.  The music is very uplifting and we need that in a world that can seem so negative at times.  I've personally been blessed by 89Q while listening to and from work, and while listening at work.  Sometimes it can be very stressful at the shelter where I work.  I really need the consistent encouragements 89Q offers on the air.  Please support 89Q as well, and tune in on their website or at FM 89.5.

3. Reaching You Ministries
Actually just last night I had the privilege of hearing a talk by Kristen Jane Anderson on her journey to Christ.  This young lady attempted suicide by laying on railroad tracks, and lost her legs.  Miraculously she survived the experience through the grace of God.  Now she travels and does talks on her story.  She has been featured on Oprah, and has a ministry called "Reaching You."  I got to speak to Kristen Jane Anderson after the talk at the University of Wisconsin Marathon County.  I told her about how Christ saved me two years ago from a life of depression and disaster.  It was a very powerful encounter for me.  There's a certain community between people who have survived desperate situations, that is indescribably wonderful.  Please support her ministry, out of Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Contact her ministry to have her as a speaker, her story is incredible!

4. The Salvation Army of Wisconsin
It's that time of year!  The Kettle Kickoff in my area will be on November 6th.  Bell ringers will be out soon!  Check with your local Salvation Army to find out how you can help.  There are lots of wonderful programs that support the community in my area.  Some that I can think of off the top of my head are Coats for Kids, Food Pantry, Backpacks for Kids, Christmas Toys for Families, and many others!  Sometimes we forget about the Salvation Army programs in our areas, and all that they do to provide after-school programs, a shelter for the homeless, and food supplies to struggling families.  Don't let those programs fall to the wayside.  Instead remind people, your friends, congregation members about those programs and how they can help, donate, and volunteer their time!  

5. Converge Great Lakes Churches
The churches in my area that have probably been the biggest blessing to my life are almost all exclusively members of the Converge Great Lakes arm of Converge International, a wonderful and growing fellowship of Baptist churches worldwide.  The leaders are excellent, the congregations are friendly, and the teaching is Biblical.  Of notable mention are: New Day Christian Church pastored by Aaron Winowiski, The Sanctuary pastored by Dan Mandigo, Downtown Mission Church pastored by Charlie Salamone, not to mention Bethany Baptist Church, Good News Baptist Church, and Journey Church.  There are several others outside Converge that are great too though, like Grace Station, Highland Community, Wausau Alliance Church, and of course the Salvation Army Church where I currently attend!

Additional Wisconsin Ministries of Note:
Catholic Charities Wausau - providing a warming center for homeless and temporary financial assistance
Lutheran Social Services - financial assistance, hommy home
The Center for Human Development - christian counseling services
The Neighbors Place - food pantry, asian american assistance
Community Corner Clubhouse - job services and mental health support
Celebration Church - a church ministry doing some very cool things in Wisconsin

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