Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Vital Spiritual Experience, an unparalleled Adventure

The Christian journey is a magical, incredible, powerful adventure.  It is simply the highest and greatest undertaking possible for any one man or woman to set forth upon.  The Pilgrim begins at the cross of Christ, and sets out upon a heroic journey unparalleled by any other on the face of the Earth.  

Ups and downs, highs and lows, devastating tragedies, joyous victories, and everywhere in between.  It all awaits the pilgrim on his passage.  Autumns skies, swaying woods of yellow, gold, and red that bring about such unspeakable emotions.  Winters so deep and unending one feels like the only creature in a thousand miles.  Springs of lush green and pouring rains.  Summers of golden rays set against valleys of green and endless oceans blue, that remind you of lost loves and childhood moments of indescribable emotion.  The adventure is beautiful.  The Christian faces down a deep wilderness, brilliant white angels dancing in the sunlight for a moment you might catch a glimpse, and in the shadows mysterious and terrible creatures lurking, temptations outstretched so sweet to the mouth, yet so bitter to the stomach.

Comraderies with fellow travelers.  Breaks in the trail that lead to dead ends.  Broken fellowships fleeing the woods.  The sounds of bombs falling in the distance.  Cloudy skies crackling thunder.  Quiet moments of home and hearth around dinner tables breaking bread in joyous communion.  Moments of clarity when the clouds part and God himself in shining light shows himself in sovereignty.  

And so much more.  So much more.  So many twists and paradoxes, ironies, synchronous moments, joys unspeakable, moments of pure adulation interspersed with moments of hope and holiness, dwindling amongst regret, fear, and lingering disappointment.  Days of war and nights of love, peace of heart amongst the powerful love for God, and for fellow travelers.  On and on it goes.  

This Christian life is a indeed a great and epic journey of spiritual power and growth.  Jesus Christ at the center, Holy Spirit working in our heart, and God the Father overhead guiding the way.  One day at a time, remaining steadfastly firm in the commitment to never give up, to always stay loyal to the God who saved us, one day at a time, learning, growing, falling, and getting up again.  All thanks to Jesus Christ, all through him, to the glory of God the Father.

Take the journey, begin the adventure, experience the power.