Friday, October 17, 2014

Modern Christianity & Apologetics: Some Intriguing Lectures & Discussions

 I really enjoy intriguing and entertaining presentations regarding Christianity, Apologetics, and Science.  Don't you!?  I really, really do.  So these are five gems I've scraped together for your viewing pleasure.  My goodness, we have such a rich movement of Christianity taking form in this country today.  Don't you think?  

First off we've got an interview by the sarcastic, brilliant Eric Metaxas.  The interview with Canon White is absolutely fascinating, and funny.  It's simply astounding to hear about the work of the Holy Spirit, angels, miracles and such happening in Baghdad.  You wonder about what it's like to be a persecuted Christian from time to time, it sounds truly terrible, yet wonderful at the same time.  2nd is a presentation by Frank Turek, revealing some very intense and scary information about college professors and atheism on campus.  3rd is Eric Metaxas again, sarcastically interviewing the founder of the intelligent design movement Stephen Meyer.  4th is my apologetics hero, Ravi Zacharias giving one of the best talks I've ever heard on Christian Apologetics in our time.  Fifth again is Frank Turek discussing the fossil record, intelligent design, and the cambrian explosion.  Enjoy!

1. Eric Metaxas interviews the Vicar of Baghdad Canon White
Topic: Being a Christian in Iraq

2. Frank Turek discusses Intellectual Predators on Campus
Topic: Atheist bias on college campuses

3. Eric Metaxas interviews Stephen Meyer / Socrates in the City
Topic: Intelligent Design

4. Ravi Zacharias discusses Apologetics in the 21st Century
Topic: Intelligent Faith and Apologetics

5. Frank Turek discusses Intelligent Design, Evolution, and the Cambrian Explosion
Topic: Fossil record/Cambrian Explosion 

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