Friday, February 27, 2015

We are Blessed Beyond Measure in Grace, Peace, and Gratitude

We have a lot to be grateful for as believers, don't you think?  The truth is we are truly blessed.  We've been selected by the designer of the human soul to spend eternity with him.  How marvelous is such a calling as this?  What greater purpose could there be?

Science, industry, fame, fortune, even art, music, and philosophy all pale in comparison to the humility of being in the presence of the designer of the rivers, the mountains, the animals, and the human soul.  

He is the grand architect.  Who can understand such a transcendent being?  We see God as our Father, yet he is certainly much more than that.  We see God as the architect of the universe, but he is much more than that too.  We see him as our savior, yet he is much more than that.  We see him as a being of immense power, but he is also much more complicated than that.  He is love, yet he is justice.  He is strength, yet he is tender care.  He is designer, yet he is intimate friend and companion.  He is God, yet he is also a man.  He is Spirit, yet he walked also as flesh.  He is the grand master of science, the inspiration behind art, music, sculptures, and speeches.  He dialed the constants of the universe as he designed his universe.  He set the Earth in nothingness, and painted the galaxies with stars and gas giants and nebula.  

Yet he also crafted the ears on the cat, and the jaw of the dog.  He ran his hands along the contours of the horse and the immense dimensions of the whales of the ocean.  

Despite his infinite power, and ability and knowledge, he chose of all those about, to love me.  And I have begun to learn how to love him.  He loves you also.  He loves you with a special love, a love designed live a puzzle piece that fits into your soul.  He designed humans to love and be with him.  You and I are designed in his image.  

I can't understand it.  I really truly can't.  I bump my head on the sealing.  It's very real.  So real.  God reveals a plan and a requirement through the books of the Bible.  The haunting thing about the Bible is it reveals something has gone terribly wrong.  From the world it becomes clear.  Thankfully the solution is offered, a substitute, a savior, God himself, Jesus Christ.

Blessed with grace, as children of God, we've found ourselves returned to our natural state: communion and fellowship with God and other believers.