Monday, May 11, 2015

Mothers and Children: Mother's Day in Light of Asia

On mother's day I'm reminded that I have a mother who was there for me my entire life.  In America there are many who did not have a mother around.  Today many do not have a father, or a mother.  

I had friends at a local church in the area who cared for children without parents.  I remember I was over at their house one time for a little get together.  I saw the children, and I saw the look in their eyes.  They had been living without love.  You could see it in their eyes, it was a blank look, it was a defeated look, a look of surrender to nothingness.  Seeing them had a profound impact on me.  I think of them when I think of mother's day, and mother's day in light of Asia.

Although reaching Asia with Christ’s love is an enormous task, there is hope through the children.

Parents across Asia struggle to provide for their families. Children grow up illiterate, uneducated and taught they are worthless. More than 20 million boys and girls are trapped in social evils like child labor and prostitution in order to support their family.

Gospel for Asia’s Bridge of Hope turns these situations around for good. Children are educated and nurtured. Families experience Christ’s love. More than 72,000 children have been helped so far and thousands of families have found faith in Christ as a result.

Honor Christ by sponsoring a child in Asia today: