Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ten Great Minds, Ten Controversial Presentations

It's all here ladies and gentlemen.  These are the great minds of western society: John Lennox, Ravi Zacharias, Dennis Prager, Ken Ham, Stephen Meyer, on and on the list goes.  Watching these presentations has greatly expanded my understanding of the universe and the world around me.  Please enjoy these presentations, which address the controversial issues of our day and age.

How are we to understand the developments of the last century?  How are we to understand life, existence, science, history, and ontology?  I often look to the great minds of our generation to learn about the most difficult issues that face our generation.

Let's face down the heated issues front and center.  We're not going to politically correct answers, we're instead going to skip past "what everyone wants to hear" and go after the truth.  These are the most controversial issues imaginable.  We'll look at gay marriage, the theory of evolution, intelligent design theory, liberalism in the college sphere, liberty and constitutional rights, young earth science, the philosophy of tolerance, the academic establishment, and Christians value in relation to the United States government.  

Have we failed to address any divisive issue?  I don't think so!  But these issues are vital for our day and age.  There is a lot of misinformation out there.  Often only one side of the debate is heard.  The mainstream media and it's corrupt influence often leave us ignorant of certain primary facts in these heated debates.  Enjoy, keep an open mind, and consider these issues in light of history and the possibility of a God who is in fact there.

1. Miracles: Is Belief in the Supernatural Irrational? | With John Lennox at Harvard 
Professor John Lennox, the renowned mathematician and devout Christian defends the concept of miracles before a packed audience at Harvard University.  Lennox describes in vivid detail the science and philosophy under-girding the concept of miracles.  Are miracles really so unbelievable?  Or are miracles reasonable phenomenon?  

2. Is Tolerance Intolerant? Pursuing the Climate of Acceptance and Inclusion | Ravi Zacharias at UCLA
Dr. Zacharias has traveled the globe discussing pertinent issues within philosophy, ontology, science, and culture.  At UCLA Dr. Zacharias addresses the issue of the philosophy of tolerance.  What is tolerance?  What is intolerance?  How are we to understand the climate of culture today?

3. Genesis, Key to Reclaiming the Culture | Ken Ham
The founder of the noted Christian ministry "Answers in Genesis" defends the young earth view of creation.  Ken Ham looks at the pertinent issues of today, and addresses the solution to reclaiming the culture of the United States.  

4. The Case against Gay Marriage and how Gay Marriage will Hurt Everyone | Frank Turek
Turek takes on perhaps the most controversial issue today in the United States: Should gay marriage be legalized?  This is a very difficult issue in the country today.  The voices on both sides are shrill.  Turek does a fine job of cutting through the noise, and looking at science, mental health, and government for answers. 

5. National Prayer Breakfast | Dr. Ben Carson
Dr. Carson's story is a beautiful witness to the power of Christ.  Carson looks at history, and his own upbringing to describe how the United States has prospered under God.  This is a presentation from 2013 National Prayer Breakfast with President Obama present in the audience.

6. What is Intelligent Design? | Stephen Meyer 
The intelligent design movement has faced a barrage of attacks from the Darwinian academic establishment.  Stephen Meyer describes Intelligent Design theory with clear science, and dispels the media created straw men.  Science vs. Religion = false dichotomy. Science and religion are friends, not enemies.  Divide and conquer, predictable tactic.

7. What Ever Happened to the Constitution? | Judge Andrew Napolitano
One of the great men of American politics, Judge Andrew Napolitano out lines how the United States has largely abandoned the Constitution.  Napolitano explains how liberties are being taken, and how those liberties are God given, and may not be rescinded by the state.  He describes in powerful terms the road back to sanity in the USA.

8. Faith Under Fire: Taking Risks For the Kingdom | Reverend Canon Dr. Andrew White at Hope College
The famed Vicar of Baghdad speaks to an American audience about taking great risks for the kingdom of God.  Canon White is an inspiration and has done great things in Iraq where hundreds of thousands of Christians are under severe persecution.

9. Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed | Ben Stein
This is a documentary every American should see.  It explains how the Darwinian academic establishment has waged a war on Intelligent Design, and fights to keep any mention of the possibility of God from scientific circles.  This was a very eye opening documentary for me.  Please watch and share!

10. Why the World Needs American Values to Triumph | Dennis Prager at Colorado Christian University 
Dennis Prager is a Jewish radio host with an excellent understanding of Christian values and how they impact government.  I don't necessarily agree with Prager on everything, like his firm support for establishment candidates like Mitt Romney.  But Prager is a knowledgeable speaker with a lot of good points to make.  Please give him a fair hearing.

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