Sunday, March 6, 2016

Spheres of Truth in the World: the Bible, Science, & Politics

As a young man in a strange world I often wonder about life: Why am I here?  What is this society?  What does human history mean?  What is the purpose of government? How does culture change?  What philosophies undergird life?  

Let's look at five key areas of truth in the world.  No one ever taught me this stuff.  I was never taught how various disciplines fit together.  I had to teach myself through a lot of reading.  I encourage the same for all of you; knowledge is power.

For young people like me, you've got to search out the truth, it will not be handed to you.  In fact, it will be actively hidden from plain sight.  

Let's look at interdisciplinary truth as it fits into a Christian worldview.  And when I say Christian worldview really what I'm saying is the truth about what life really is.  It's the eyeglasses that bring a blurry world into focus.  We can see clearly only through it.  But it's not projecting an illusion, it's bringing the world into focus.

1. Bible - The most important aspect in interrupting the delusion of materialism is found within the pages of the Bible.  Here we find our manual to life.  Many suggest: If only life came with a manual.  The truth is shockingly clear: Life does come with a manual.  It's found in the Bible.  And really all "Bible" means is book.  So in essence, the manual for life is "The Book."  A description of reality defined by a God who identifies his name as "I am."  A God who created the first man Adam, which means "Man."  And the first woman, Eve, which means "woman."  Fascinating isn't it?  The titles provided are the categories themselves, Bible means book.  God means "I am" or "I am who I am."  The heavens mean the universe.  On and on it goes, a base definition of the existence of reality.  Do you know what Jesus Christ means?  God our savior.  Immanuel?  God with us.  

Within the Bible we find the description of reality as it really is.  Every situation is described perfectly, the state of the universe, the state of the Earth, the state inside your heart and mine, all perfectly described as it actually is, instead of how we would prefer it to be.  What a tough, tough "the book" to read though.  No wonder so many toss it aside!  Dare I say, that it tells me exactly who I am, without any filters or white lies!  In fact it does just that.  And it isn't pretty.  The guide book is clear.  The truth is tough.  But ultimately the truth is what matters the most, find it in 'the book' about 'I am.'

2. Science - Science describes the universe around us.  Despite what you may have heard, the greatest scientists have always been believers in God.  Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton, Francis Bacon, and John Kelvin just to name a few of the fathers of modern scientific disciplines.  One might come upon the mistaken conclusion that science argues against religious faith.  And one would be wrong in that assertion.  But there are many in that field who so desire to erase God from western civilization.  We must not let them.  

There are two areas that I've found particularly intriguing, one is the study of the universe and it's beginning as basis for the necessity of a timeless omnipotent eternal being.  There are many, many great books and video presentations on such topics.  I suppose it all depends on how you like to learn.  I myself prefer listening to audio or watching video of speakers.  I've found audiobooks and Youtube to be a real blessing for such endeavors.  But if you love reading a good book, well, shouldn't we all be so lucky?  My goodness I could list off so many good books and speakers, but I'll just give a few of the best: Francis Collins, watch him speak, or read his book "The Language of God."  Search for him on Youtube.  Second, of course a personal favorite of mine Ravi Zacharias. And thirdly, the remarkable Dr. William Lane Craig.  The last two were roommates in college, imagine that?  I wonder what they talked about!

Secondly, the study of the cell.  Scientists look into human cells, anatomy, physiology and they see harmonious complexity which points to... God.  And I'll recommend a few more brilliant minds.  Most notably we have Stephen Meyer of the Discovery Institute.  Search for him on Youtube or purchase one of several of his books: Signature in the Cell or Darwin's Doubt.  Secondly I'll recommend Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis.  Thirdly, I'd recommend the great minds over at the Institute for Creation Research, most notably John D. Morris. 

3. Politics - "We are told as followers of the savior, that we must check our faith at the door (into politics). Do you know why they are telling us this? Because the only people who will defend the traditions that America is based on are people who believe in God. Without those people our system must fail. They mean to keep the army of freedom off the battlefield, by telling us we don't have the right to show up. We not only have the right before God, we have the obligation." -Alan Keyes, Progress and Peril.

Government and politics are obviously extremely important.  The reason we have the freedom to share the gospel is because Christians were good stewards of their nation; even and especially at it's founding.  

Christianity has changed the world, especially in the area of government.  But you will never, ever hear this truth in schools, universities or in the public square.  You will never hear about it on television or in any popular media.  When you really research it, my goodness is it astounding!  Christianity preserved human history during the dark ages.  Christianity transformed the ancient Roman empire.  Christianity blunted the blades of barbarian tribes.  Christianity established the first orphanages and hospitals.  Christianity was a bulwark against the Muslim invasion of Europe.  Christianity was the foundation of the greatest nation on Earth, the United States of America.  Christianity today is streaking through Africa, changing the entire continent.  Christianity today is flourishing in the hearts of the underground churches of China, inspiring the hearts of once oppressed peoples.  Peoples now set free in heart and mind, in the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Christianity has done more to invigorate and transform humanity than all the exhortations of Greek philosophers, grand designs of Freemason sages, and systematic designs of benevolent conquerors combined. 

Today Christians in the United States are under prolonged, constant assault.  The situation is quite bleak.  Amazingly the forces that Reagan crushed during the Cold War, managed to survive in ideology, quietly sweep into academia, and seed themselves throughout our culture.  Today they are finishing off a systematic toppling of every sector of our once prosperous nation. They've toppled morality, they've toppled the family, they've toppled free markets, they've toppled the Constitution, religious liberty, and now they are consolidating their victories.  This is the secret history of western civilization state-side.  You will never hear this story in the popular media, because the popular media has largely been seeded by these progressive socialists. But believe me when I say, you've been led astray.  We can all tell something is wrong.  Very wrong!  I couldn't quite place it for so long.  But eventually I discovered the truth.  And it isn't pretty.

This is a great topic to get educated on.  I'll recommend some books and speakers to discover.  Alan Keyes is great, for one.  The Truth Project dvd set is probably your best systematic source to learn the most.  It will wow you.  Another excellent dvd series is "How Should We Then Live?" by Dr. Francis Schaeffer.  I would also recommend a documentary called "Agenda: Grinding America Down."  Some great speakers that have captured my attention recently are these people, definitely Youtube them: Ben Shapiro, Ted Cruz, Mark Levin, Ben Carson, Dinesh D'Souza, Paul Joseph Watson, Dennis Prager, and Alan Sears.

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