Thursday, July 14, 2016

Chivalry isn't Dead, the Gospel is still True

Painting of the Signing of the Declaration of Independence

There is something wonderful about the human spirit driven to valor.  A greater light takes over in moments of crisis when the heart is driven past self preservation, into an unexpected urge to honor.  Something overcomes selfishness.  In that moment something greater overcomes the dark self obsessed heart, and a valor fills the soul.  This valor, this better angel of our souls drives men and women to do great things for those in need.

They say chivalry is dead.  They're lying.  Only in their own dead hearts is chivalry truly dead.  And everything else with it, aside from the debased desire for sexual and physical satisfaction.  That is what drives so much of our society.  They want what they want.  And they can't allow the idea of valor.  They erase it from history.  They expunge it from the present.  They censor it from the future.  Yet valor endures.  Chivalry endures.  

They say honor is an illusion, a lie concocted by the brain of man to invent meaning for his existence.  They are wrong.  With their own debauched minds they twist and contort reality to create a material-limited universe to grant themselves permission to be critical theory creeps, critics of everything, while living secret lives of immorality and debauchery.  Entire disciplines rest on such false realities, invented by the minds of men to escape the inevitability of the God who calls us humanity to account for their actions.  The mind recoils at such accountability.  

Honor still lives.  Chivalry still endures.  Though not on the bright lights of the television screens.  It isn't allowed to break through the screens of lies in academia, in politics, in television or in hollywood.  But it rules in the hearts and minds of a great many americans who look in confusion at the television false narrative wondering just what manner of madness prevails on such straights.  What fools they are!  They demand a world without borders, without accountability, without morality so they may do as they please.  But no such world exists, and they will be called to account.  And what a terrible day that will be for them.

And what wonderful day it will be for us.  We will finally, finally be free of the daily scorn.  We'll finally be free of the constant television narrative, mocking our values, mocking our faith, and making war on what remains of our Christian American nation.  It is a dark day to live in, but God remains entirely sovereign.  Such things must take place.  And we are just as duty bound to resist and fight to our last breath, to stand for Christ, to share the gospel, and to be light to our political system.  

Don't believe their lies, don't ever compromise your theology.  Believe the Bible.  Resist their values.  Resist their lies.  And stand firm in prayer.  Keep praying.  Keep speaking up.  Keep sharing the gospel.  Because it matters.  And your values aren't gone, your principles and morality aren't gone.  Christianity isn't gone.  It's just that temporarily, they've stolen the megaphones, the progressives have, and they use them to mock us and attack us with every breath they have.  Why? Because they hate America, they hate Christianity, and they want to show the world that they can steal America, remake it in their own image, and leave the dust of the Christians behind as evidence of their superiority.  But they are wrong.  And their "better world" is predicated on manipulation, brainwashing, and authoritarian enforced "equality."  

Their worldview is a lie.  And Jesus Christ is alive.  He is coming again.  He will reign on Earth.  We will be His children forever.  God be praised, for he gives us the victory.  Amen. 

9/11 Memorial Cross, via Wikimedia
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