Sunday, August 14, 2016

25 Powerful Quotes on Why Christianity is actually Real

If Christianity is just a lie, then it doesn't really matter at all.  Then again, if Christianity is actually true then it matters more than anything else in life.  

I was very skeptical about Jesus and the Bible at first.  I thought it was stupid.  I thought it was just a bunch of silly legends.  I couldn't believe how average everyday people could believe such incredible nonsense!  Were they all crazy?  Were they completely bonkers?  Or did they just do it for show?  So they could feel good about themselves?  Those were the thoughts I had about Christianity and religion in general.  It seemed ridiculous.  

Little did I know, I'd been fed stereotypes and false caricatures by a media and culture that despised organized religion.  Only later on did I discover quotes like these describing a Christianity I had never encountered before: a deep, coherent, and reasonable Christianity.  Enjoy.

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