Saturday, November 10, 2018

Ten Christian YouTube Channels to Subscribe To!

I really enjoy the internet, social media, and YouTube in particular!  In fact, I haven't watched television in years.  I don't think I've watched television regularly since I was in my teens.  Instead when I'm looking for some relaxation time, I check out YouTube, or Facebook, or Twitter, or something like that.  So, I'd like to share with you some Christian YouTube channels that I really enjoy.  I have to be intentional about watching quality, clean content.  It matters what I allow in through the gates of my eyes and ears, because from there it goes into my mind and heart.  (These are in no particular order)

1. The Bible Project 
The Bible project comes from two pastors who are passionate about helping people understand the word of God. They make these short animated videos that help us understand larger overarching themes throughout the scriptures, and the greater intents of entire books of the Bible. Just recognize that these videos are from a meta-overarching viewpoint. The idea is that we should be reading the scriptures ourselves, not just watching videos. And if we have very specific questions on key issues, this is not the place to look, because the videos they produce are very general overviews.

2. Desiring God 
The YouTube channel of John Piper's ministry. They do podcasts, sermons, question and answer, and even though there are theological differences between Arminianism and Calvinism, it's good to learn from Calvinists when we can. 

3. The Good Christian Music Blog
GCMB highlights various lesser-known Christian musicians ranging from indie rock to hip hop, and even techno. Definitely a really cool channel to listen to!

4. The Veritas Forum
This is one of my favorite organizations, and they post all their lectures on their YouTube channel. If you're looking for intellectually deep theology, philosophy, and apologetics, check them out and subscribe.

5. CBN News 
I don't really trust television news sources like CNN, NBC, ABC or FOX. Now, I'm not saying CBN is perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I do like how they focus in on news that interests Christians, from the persecuted church, to court cases in the USA, these are the things I do want to know about. 

6. Ascension Presents 
I just recently found this YouTube channel, featuring Catholic priest Mike Schmitz and I was very pleased with his down to earth approach to questions and answers of the Christian life. 

7. Living Waters
Living Waters is the ministry of Ray Comfort, he does a lot of evangelism which I love. Plenty of good documentaries, and lots of street evangelism videos, which is really cool! Fun channel to check out.

8. Answers in Genesis
AIG is a great science and apologetics ministry, definitely check out their videos, great content for kids as well!

9. John Crist 
This channel belongs to John Crist a hilarious Christian comedian who offers excellent, entertaining content, often critiquing the funny quirks of the evangelical community

10. Divine Revelations 
This channel is a very charismatic/Pentecostal channel, but I do enjoy learning from other Christian faith traditions.  This channel contains many testimonies of spiritual experiences, but please do use discretion, and be sure to test every spirit against the word of God and in prayer. But I do share this because I think we who are more orthodox/theologically minded, can learn from those who desire deeper experience with God.

Additional Channels to Check Out:
  1. Ask Dr. Brown
  2. Frank Turek
  3. RZIM
  4. The Gospel Coalition
  5. Dr. Craig Videos
  6. Liberty University
  7. Sermon Index
  8. I am Second
  9. Biola University
  10. Ligonier Ministries
  11. Prophecy Watchers
  12. The Two Preachers