Sunday, November 18, 2018

What is God doing in your Life right now?

We're often privy to share our testimony, of how we got saved, or how we became a Christian, or how we were raised in the faith. But there is another form of testimony.  And it begins with this simple question: What is God doing in your life right now?

I'd like to share with you what God is doing in my life right now.  And I'd encourage you to consider for yourself what He is doing in your life.  How is God at work?  How are you walking with him?  What do you notice as you interact with God?  Here is my testimony:

Right now in my life, God is shaping me and molding me into who I’m supposed to be. He is forging me through the fires of affliction. He is melting me down, and working the impurities out of my soul. I’m like the mold of clay, and he is cutting the extra pieces off, and molding the remaining pieces into a work of art. I imagine 4 years ago when I first began moving toward ministry I looked like little more than a lump of clay. But today I imagine the contours, the shapes, the lines in the skin are beginning to appear. The mold may be just beginning to resemble a mature follower of Christ.

God has put me through a time of testing recently. He has put before me temptations, and allurements, to see if it is really the desire of my heart to serve Him, or if I still desire to live only for my own selfish desires.

He has tested me and purified me through tense situations, and prolonged stressful ordeals, to ensure I can remain cool under pressure. He has called me beyond the limits of my own strength, to see if beyond my own strength, I will dare to rely on His strength.

He is calling me into holiness. He is calling me into sanctification. He is calling me into deeper prayer and study of the word. He is calling me to learn to socialize, communication, leadership, and self-discipline.

God loves me enough to put me through these trials and tests, because He has willingly entrusted the proclamation of His word to someone even such as me. Which is simply amazing. I don’t deserve all the grace, kindness, compassionate love, and truth He has poured out to me. Walking with Him is the great joy of my life. I love God, and He loves me.

When I’m tempted to believe that I can’t be holy, and that I’ll always be stuck in sin, God calls me to stop making excuses, and to dig in deeper to the Christian life.

Jesus Christ of Nazareth is my savior. He is a real, living savior. Who is alive right now, and with us here in this room. So I am not ashamed of Him. If there’s anything I can advise you to do today, it’s this: Go deeper with Him. Dare to believe that He is really there. When I needed a God figure to save me from the darkest times of addiction, Jesus Christ made it abundantly clear how real and powerful He is. So trust Him and obey Him.

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