Monday, October 10, 2022

Quick Answer, Claim: Science disproves God

Claim: Science has proven that everything is physical, science disproves God exists. Scientists have shown the myths of the past are false and unproven. 

Answer: Science has not proven that religion and it's teachings are "wrong and out of date." In fact, most of the great scientists of history were Christians or at least deists, including people like Einstein, Pasteur, Galileo, Newton, and hundreds of others. 

Also, 60% of Nobel Prize winners are Christians. The first scientists looked for order in the universe because they knew there was an intelligent designer behind the universe. 

The more scientists study DNA and the complexity of human life, the more it becomes clear that all life is designed by a creator, a God of the universe. 

Particularly, when Einstein discovered that the universe had a definite beginning at a "big bang" it became clear, God does exist, and he created the universe from nothing, at a finite point in time.

Increasingly as well, we see massive manuscript evidence for the Bible, thousands of manuscripts, and the dead sea scrolls confirmed that the Bible hadn't been changed or manipulated, because they matched what we have today. 

Not only that history and archaeology continue to confirm the biblical narrative as true and historically accurate. More and more we see, God is real, and Jesus Christ is really real, and really rose from the dead. It's astonishing!