Saturday, April 18, 2020

7 Power Prayers for Good Times and Bad: Nature, Science, Love, Solitude, Praise, Repentance, and Misery

Lands of Beauty: Prayer of Natural Beauty
Glorious One,
Eternal God, Divine architect, master sculptor, mysterious painter, we marvel in awe at what you have made. You place constants, you define boundaries, you place layers, you shape rock faces, you paint the oceans blue, and the skies, your hand carves out the edges of the leaves, the tree branches, the arctic circles, the rocky mountains, the liquid haze of the blue ridge mountains,
We delight in what you have made God, though fallen,
You have left your mark on this creation,
You have given us evidence of your glory in every sunset, every sunrise, every star filled sky, shimmering in the night,
We adore thee for what you have made, your creation reflects your genius, creative persona, your mysterious infinite brilliance makes all this possible, And indeed you have made us, our very souls, as a crown for your glorious creation. Thank you Jesus, Amen. 

The Grand Designer: Prayer of Science
In the beginning God you designed constants like gravity and time, indeed you formed time, and it has no power over you, 
The spaceless expanses make it clear to us just what you have done,
The telescope describes you, the microscope reveals you,
Your genius formed the laws of reality,
Your wisdom placed the solar system, the strength of the sun, in it's plasmatic power, 
The great power that guides the planets through space, belongs to you, though they are not you, they point us to you, in all your magnificence. 
You've made DNA that fills our veins, you've designed the circulatory system, the veins and arteries, the blood that sustains and repairs our organs, 
You've designed each system to function with the others, so they all fit together and function in unison, Truly God we are fearfully and wonderfully made, in Jesus name, amen.

An Expression of Infinite Love: Prayer of True Love
Dear God,
You have made us to give of ourselves, and to receiving a sustaining force called love,
You are a God of love, who teaches us to love, and gives us love, 
And you call us to give that love to still others,
What is love Father, that you would sustain us with it?  What is this deep sensation? What is this glorious rapturous feeling that makes us full? It is love, biblical love, a self sacrificial sensation that provokes us to action. We are sustained by your love. Your love gives us form.  Your love is infinite. Your love is perfect. Your love flows out to all would do the simple deed of receiving your son, and repenting of sin, 
God we express our love for you,
Teach our hearts to love like you do,
Make our hearts to love with all, with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength,
With all our excesses, with all we have left over, teach us to love you deeper and love you again, further, longer, wider, and in greater depth!
Make our love for you, like your love for us,
Make our love greater, for we are poor in love,
Make our hearts larger, and greater to love selflessly,
And help us to love our enemies, and to love our family members, and to love those that have hurt us, and done such terrible evils to us, help us to hold no grudge, but to love them deeply, and pray for them always. 
Father we love you, but make our hearts to love you even more every single day, 
In Jesus name, Amen. 

Alone I Find You God: Prayer of Solitude
Might God of Glory,
You alone are God over all. All who call on the name of Jesus and turn from sin are part of your family, Yet you stand alone, as the only God,
Jesus Christ you came and loved the masses, and the 120 and the twelve,
Yet it also says in your word, that you often retreated to lonely places and prayed,
Help us God, to disappear into solitude,
Let us God quietly reflect on you,
In the silence, you show yourself God,
In the mysteries of life, in reflection, you declare your ways,
In the quiet place, the still small voice is heard
Make me someone who retreats to the prayer room,
Make me one who returns to the quiet meadow,
Make me to be one who searches for you in the mysteries of life,
In Jesus mighty name it is done, Amen. 

God of Many Colors: Prayer of Praise
Eternal Alpha and Omega, Beginning and End, Creator Lord Almighty,
Father God of the Seven Spirits of Heaven,
Faithful protector of humanity,
Divine Master of Intellect
Holy Designer of Righteousness
King of Space and Time
General of the Armies of Heaven,
Servant slave who carried all sin,
Generous benefactor of the poor,
Defiant castigator of the pharisees,
Compassionate Father of the little children,
Rejected outcast among a self-satisfied world,
Accept us as part of your family, the body eternal,
Your love is scandalous, in the crib you watched over us,
Call us to humility, call us to holiness, call out our faults,
We give up all the wealth, all the power, all the greed, we set aside
We lay sin aside, the weight that so easily entangles,
Take us up to your kingdom, we are your soldiers
Set us free from old age, from death, make us new
Give to us an understanding and will to live out perfect holiness
Fire our minds with the wisdom of heaven and set zeal as our crown,
We take refuge in your base camp Lord, we hide in your defenses,
We ride on the wings of heaven, across all the Earth in victory. Coheirs eternal in the new city, in perfect love and righteousness, we delight in you forever. 

I turn from Sin: Prayer of Repentance
Daddy God,
I come before you in sorrow and pain, I come before you grief, I come before confessing that I have sinned against heaven and against you,
I've done evil, when I should've done right, I've embraced darkness, and delighted in my flesh,
Father, I am no better than my fathers, and I feel and understand that I have done great wrong,
Sin is evil Father, and it spreads like a disease within me, and leads to still worse sins.  Sin is disease that spreads to others and brings great harm to humanity.
I have sinned against you Father,
So therefore I ask for your forgiveness for these sins in the name of my savior Jesus Christ, who has washed me clean by His own blood,
I am washed clean by Jesus, and I repent.  I change my direction.  I leave sin and I come close to you God, forsaking and turning away from sin, and embracing holiness, embracing your way. Grant me the grace of true repentance God. In Jesus name, Amen. 

Comforted by the Creator: Prayer of Misery
God I am broken today, God I'm exhausted, God I can't do this anymore, 
God my heart hurts, the days events have tore me open, my soul is ripped,
I feel so empty Lord, I feel the emptiness of life,
Why must there be so much suffering?
Why must this ordeal last so long? 
When will it ever end?
God I can't handle this anymore, I'm overwhelmed, and tired of the battle,
Lord, have mercy on me, I cry out to you in the midst of destruction,
God I throw myself at your mercy,
God I take refuge in you,
God you do great things in the world, though it seems like the wicked and the powerful prosper, they will disappear one day,
With no hope,
God you build me up through despair, you shape me through darkness,
You give and you take away, never the less, blessed and holy and perfect is your Name forever,
I put my trust in you in the storm, I praise you in the storm, I seek you in the storm,
I search for your face, I search for your countenance to shine down upon me,
Please God, bandage my wounds, in this battle, strengthen my heart, give me strength, and give me faith in my weakness,
You do great things in weakness and brokenness,
Do a great thing in me.
I express my trust in you in the storm,
Father have mercy, 
In Jesus name, Amen. 

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