Saturday, April 11, 2020

10 of my Favorite Preachers to Listen to on YouTube

10 of my favorite preachers to listen to on Youtube: 

1. Real Life with Jack Hibbs - I only recently discovered this ministry and it's really powerful.  He goes into a lot of prophecy, and world issues, which is really fun to listen to.

2. Derek Prince Ministries - One of the greatest theologians of all time in my humble view. Derek Prince is a biblical teacher what great, deep wisdom on many topics. 

3. Francis Chan - Crazy Love - This pastor is on fire for the Lord, you can't help but feel and embrace his sincere passion for God when he preaches.

4. Frank Turek - Cross Examined - I love apologetics, I'm a huge fan of science and philosophy, so Frank is a great way to learn more along those lines.

5. Ray Comfort - Living Waters - Ray Comfort is the evangelist. His central focus is winning people to Jesus Christ, which I think should be all our primary goals. You'll find a ton of videos of Ray talking to random strangers, sharing the gospel via the Way of the Master by taking the sinner through the ten commandments, then applying the gospel to the convicted conscience. 

6. Carter Conlon - Times Square Church - Passion, passion, and more passion from Carter.  He is sincere and excited and I need that in my Christian faith. The successor to the famed David Wilkerson. Solid biblical teachings.

7. Voddie Baucham - This man is a genius. Warning, he is a Calvinist, so his theology is a little funny, but in regard to culturally relevant issues, he is the best.  His insight is amazing. He's a defender of the faith, he's a man on the wall, always watching the horizon for threats to the church from culture and compromise.

8. David Pawson - Solid, firm biblical teaching. He just celebrated his 90th birthday. Amazing! Probably the closest to true biblical theology, holiness, truth, and love balanced well. He teaches a lot on end times and prophecy, among other things. What more can I say?

9. Kyle Idleman Southeast Christian Church- Another Calvinist, so the theology is a bit off. But he is good at balancing difficult issues, and explaining them in clear terms. 

10. William Lane Craig - Reasonable Faith - Deep, deep intellectual discussions, and topics. Logic, science, and theology. Quite fascinating.

Notable Mention: Alisa Childers, J Warren Wallace, Lee Strobel, D. James Kennedy Ministries, Sean McDowellMichael L. Brown