Thursday, April 30, 2020

Top Ten Books of the Bible to Read Right Now

10. 1st Samuel 16-31 and 2nd Samuel - This is a great time to reflect on the trials, trails, tribulations, and amazing victories of David's journey from outcast to king of Israel. 

9. 1st Kings 17-22 - The saga of Elijah has been a draw for me recently. Elijah went through a lot and saw God move through him in amazing ways.

8. Esther - one woman can change the fate of hundreds of thousands of Jews in exile. So imagine what you can do?

7. The Song of Solomon - the beautiful poem of love between man and woman, but also shows us the beauty of love between God and us.

6. Nehemiah - The man who struggles with constant problems as he attempts lead the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem. The prayer of repentance is beautiful.

5. Ezra - Another hero, attempting to rebuild the temple. Inspirational.

4. Jude - In a time of false teachers and milquetoast deism, read about how the problems haven't ch
anged over 2,000 years. Boldness in action.

3. The Psalms - Go here again and again for real, raw, deep, emotive cries to God

2. Revelation - the 7th messages to the churches, the end of history, apocalypse, destruction, new hope, what's not to like?

1. Ecclesiastes - Reminds us just how meaninglessness everything is apart from God.  A great reminder for us today, who so often ignore God, and seek pleasure.  Everything is empty apart from Jesus.