Thursday, February 21, 2013

Be Courageous on your Christian Journey!

The air is filled with darkness among the deep night, past the midnight mark when the shadows hang long against the walls. And God knows what happens where I cannot see now. I imagine many terrible things happen, and some wonderful things tend to happen in random splashes, that aren't so random to God who has his hands in everyone's business. What a control freak for someone who claims to offer freedom of choice. I can't say I mind, I can't say I mind at all. Who wouldn't want a God in their life?

Somewhere two cars are blowing steel into each other and making a new piece of artwork for the infinite car graveyards. Yes they will be displays for the aliens who come ten million years from now to view the remains and they might wonder, just what were these humans thinking, plowing these strange mechanical devices into each other with such haste? Different aliens, same creator. Lovely by comparison to the strangers living under Adam's street bridge, sleeping around fires and in tents, hoping for a day when the luck will turn that way. What works in their lives? What lesson is learned?

The lights at the tops of the radio towers are flashing red warning away random spy planes watching our every move, maybe, or maybe just passenger jets roaming the infinitely blue heavens during the days and during the nights so black and speckled with bright lights, much like the view of an astronaut as he watches the dark Earth turning and all the children's night lights glowing.

I couldn't have a care in the world if I was that astronaut now, though I might want to listen to some good music while I watched. Yes, that would hit the spot.

Something magical touches me tonight. I don't remember exactly when it settled into my heart again, after having been gone so long. I knew something had changed, and it was for the better. It was a miracle for the wreck things had become. It was taking over my entire being, I was becoming a certain someone I might learn to know in the months and years to come, a man I could respect and love.

Then I remembered a dream I had. I was merrily walking a green grove path through a strange forest of enchantment and mystery. I was walking it alone, but soon I sprouted a child out of me, a child of wonder, from a story book I was writing about. He was twelve or thirteen. His name was Jacob, I remembered that much. I saw this Jacob and I was pleased with the lad so I followed him on along the majestic glowing, shimmering green path. I walked just behind him, jotting down everything he did and smiled quite proudly as this lad was everything I had hoped. Then I got lost, I got curious, I went off the trail. Jacob went skipping on. There was a great expanse of water. I was curious about the strange murky water... so I waded out into it. I found a rock and I grasped onto it as I feared something was wrong. The water that had once been still a few hundred yards out had become a giant dam waterfall. I held onto the rock for dear life, but it was shifting back and forth under me. Clay was coming away in my hands. The waterfall sucked outward, then blew water towards the shore, then sucked water towards it again, then blew towards the shore. I waited patiently until it was blowing towards the shore and I swam quickly to the shore to find there was a giant metal fence in my path. Fearing the waters would pull me down into the dam I began climbing the side of the fence. I reached the top and found that there was barbed wire and an overhang of fencing. I shouted for help, but no one answered. So I did the only thing I could. I crawled through the barb wire and hung, back to the water climbing the overhang, hanging on for dear life. I nearly fell, but held my grip and with all my might, pulled myself to the cusp of the fence. Then I dove down to the grasses below. Then I woke up.

Clearly, this was a metaphor provided to me by my subconscious to the struggle of the past four years. I thank the universe for this dream, for it opens my eyes.

Any wisdom is essential in life. Completely essential. It's the only reason we are here. To learn to be good people, worthy of the place we have not seen.

It never really occurred to me how completely corrupt the world is until very recently. Every aspect of it really seeks to seduce you into becoming a lesser person. Every aspect of it seeks to derail you from the truth. Every aspect of it seeks to screw you out of your time, money or possessions.

That's the challenge. Sweep the keep. Run the gauntlet. Dungeon raider. Do it up. Go pro. There's no hiding. We're in it for the long hall, or until properly smoked by a runaway bus. Keep them guessing, stay vigilant.

Steer clear of the mainstream media, the corporate propaganda, read into the truth, listen to indie music, watch foreign films, read books, learn learn learn, steer clear of the drugs they will only deceive you and kill you in the long term- while whispering in your ear 'i am the light', don't live the bar scene it's a mechanical society that thrives on ignorance and fire water, find people who love you for you and don't need extremities to have a good time (yes they are out there), don't over-consume and don't live by the law all things in excess live by all things in moderation(I know from experience), travel travel travel, be brave, don't bow to the whims of others, have no price-never sell out, watch documentaries, shout to the sky, walk in the night, watch the stars, live in awe, don't keep a list of everything you've done wrong in your head - leave it behind, dive in the spiritual realms, and keep. Never stop. Be a fanatic and never stop.