Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Life with God

On a night not too far, but not too close from things of the past, I find myself beset with a pleasurable retrospection. I find myself feeling blessed with all the things I have been given. I feel myself melancholy with memories of things that were, yet excited for things that are. Who could say what has put me in this mood, but I am thankful for this God that is in my life. He is a strange God, and a mysterious God. He walked as man, he lives in us all, yet is elsewhere.

This is a journey that has only just begun. And it is epic in nature. I feel it will lead to many places, good and bad, leading up to the very cusp of mankind. I can feel it, in my soul. There are great and mighty events in motion. The lines are being drawn.

Something none of us completely understand waits just ahead. There is a time ahead that will test us all. I feel this to be true. My heart sings it in the darkness. My mind tries to bury it, as it does not fly with my logic, but it leaks through. It's exciting, yet I find myself uncertain. None of us know. We try to bury it, yet there it is. We try to deny it, but there it is.