Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Top Five Picks for Wellness Vitamins

I've compiled this list because I have trouble everyday with how well I feel. I'm often tired, irritable, upset, or foggy during the day. My father recommended vitamins to help with this and after adding these and other vitamins to my morning I've experienced a massive increase in my happiness and wellness. Consider taking these vitamins daily for increased energy, awareness, and sense of well being. Obviously if you are seriously depressed, anti-depressants could be helpful. It's also useful to get proper exercise and eat a big meal at the start of the day. Use common sense!

1. Green Source Multivitamin - Of all the multivitamins I've sampled over the years, this one is the most dynamic and powerful. Experiment between taking a half and a whole one. See how you feel because this vitamin contains a lot. It has vitamin A, C, D, E, B1, calcium, iron, zinc, selenium, riboflavin, inisitol, boron, and much more! I'm not going to go into what each of these individually does for health, but suffice to say I feel much more alert and energized when I take it. A bottle of 120 will run you around $20.00.

This particular vitamin comes in varieties with or without iron. For some people with high iron content in their water like me, it can give them headaches. So I use the variety without iron. It increases my mood greatly over the course of a day.

2. Vitamin B-12 - This vitamin is the one I take in the morning for daily stress. In fact almost all B vitamins are useful in calming the nerves. About twenty minutes after taking it I tend to feel much more relaxed. The effect last for hours. It's not as intense as anti-anxiety prescriptions narcotics, but it's still quite helpful. It's become so popular that you can usually find a bottle of 30-60 for under $5.00.

All B vitamins really calm me down. I feel more relaxed when dealing with people and being out in the rigid society of today. They aren't very tasty going down, but they do the trick!

3. Omega 3 Fish Oil - This has been an extremely popular supplement for an increased feeling of wellness overall. I noticed that after I ate a quality salmon fillet I felt much better. I looked into it, and it's because salmon contains omega 3! These come in large oval pills usually, not the easiest to swallow but I always feel better after taking it. These will run you about $20.00 for 60 gels.

Aside from D-3, this is another vitamin that doctors are finally starting to warm up to. It increases my overall happiness and state of content better than anything else on this list. For a purely better mood, fish oil is a must. Be sure to use the right brand, because some aren't as high quality as others.

4. Vitamin D-3 - Suffering from seasonal affective disorder? This supplement will nip it in the bud! It comes in various strengths, and I recommend the high 3000 IU dosage. I live in the frozen wastes of Wisconsin where winters are brutal. Sunlight is limited, and this causes depression. Vitamin D3 really turned that around for me. I can't say enough about it, it was like night and day for me. You can find D-3 at dollar stores for as low as $6.00 a bottle.

I stand by D-3 as a source of vitamin supported happiness. Wow! My mind is always blown by just how powerful it is. If you live in the southern half of the country you probably won't need it aside from in winter, but if you live in the northern states this one is a must! Season affective disorder is really tough to deal with. Like laying in a corner crying tough. It's called "SADs" for a reason. So be smart about your nutrients.

5. L-Tyrosine - This is another great supplement for anxiety in general. I know I tend to suffer from a great amount of social anxiety and worrying. This vitamin is very useful in just chilling things out a bit, and increasing a sense of wellness and calm. 500 mg seemed to be a good dose for me in the morning. The effect tended to last all day. In combination with B vitamins it really made me feel better when out in society. You can get 120 of these for around $10.00.

I was surprised by L-Tyrosine. When I was in my teens my dad got big into vitamins and was always force feeding me the most disgusting vitamins possible, but this one was great. It really calmed my nerves, lasting for a few hours at least. Great product, but consult your doctor before using this one especially. It can interact with certain medications.

Other Supplements: folic acid, green tea, flax seed oil, st john's wort, calcium, magnesium, apple pectin

It's advisable to consult a doctor about vitamins if you have any health concerns. A good trick for making sure you take it in the morning is investing in pill trays that will hold the vitamins in little boxes marked Monday through Sunday. With the food we eat as Americans, it's become increasingly advisable to take supplements daily for overall wellness. You can find clinics that can measure your body for what vitamins you're lacking, and they can recommend supplements. If you're curious about learning more about vitamins consider going into a local vitamin store and speaking to staff. They are generally quite knowledgeable.