Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Appearance of God in Stories

When writers write stories they are inspired from Biblical times whether they want to be or not, so that we may better learn the ideas and beliefs in the Bible. The story is constantly being retold by writers who grow up and are inspired, but don't know where the inspiration came from.

There are many examples. Hundreds in fact, where God himself peers into story books and childrens books and makes his presence known. He makes his word known. Inspired through the author, to teach us, and our children the stories of the bible, in these unholy times.

The Bible is difficult to understand, but God works through all of us to explain it. The stories of the Bible are being retold and re-explained everywhere, even in our daily lives. Things happen in a particular way that mirror and reflect instances within the Bible.

The story is being told and retold. New truth is always discovered to enlighten those who see it when they need to see it right at the exact moment they must.

In reality, the stories of the Bible are being relived. We take on the places of great names and do as they did. We learn the same lessons through this action. We become players in an orchestra.

So others may learn and so we may learn.

So We May Praise Your Name Forever.