Saturday, February 16, 2013

Positive Affirmations of God's Promises

God will restore my creative abilities.
God will restore my compassion for others.
God will restore my sense of self worth.
God will restore my trust in others.
God will restore my love for my neighbors.
God will restore my love of music.
God will restore me financially.
God will restore my wisdom.
God will restore my peace of mind.
God will restore my loyalty.
God will restore strength.
God will restore my confidence.
God will restore physical body.
God will restore dignity.
God will restore my sense of family.
God will restore my appreciation of nature's beauty.
God will restore my connection to him completely.
God will restore my quiet heart.
God's word will dance on my lips.
God will place light in my eyes again.
God's love will flow from me like a river.
God's truth will give me peace.
God's joy will have it's place within me.
God's armor will adorn me daily.
God's friendship will make me smile.
God's light has shown into my life.
God has restored my life to rightness.
God works on me daily.
God lights the way in my struggles.
God commands his angels to watch over me.
God is a beacon and my anchor
God has restored the light in my eyes.
God has given me abundant gifts.
God has restored my love for music.
God has restored the life in my heart.
God has entered into my soul.
God cultivates me in the image of Christ.
God stands firm as a barrier between me and my troubles.
God fills me with the desire to praise him.
God fills me with the desire to seek him out.
God replaces sadness with contentment.
God adds piety to my character more and more.
God prunes me and pulls away the weeds and troubles of the past.
God holds me close when I pray to him.
God guides my eyes to things I need to read.
God restores the pleasure in me for life.
God sees my struggle and smiles down on me.
God is rewarding me for obedience.
God fills the mouths of others with the words I need to hear.
God takes over when I put my ipod on random.
God has restored my zeal for life.
God takes control when I fall into sadness.
God answers my prayers abundantly.
God whispers into my dreams.
God is happy when I make the right decision!
God is a father to me, caring and joyous, yet stern and powerful.
God has provided a spiritual family for me.
God now provides for all my needs day to day.
God teaches me to walk on water.
God puts truth in my mouth to tell to others.
God guides me down the winding path of life.
God is the candle burning on my coffee table.
God is the green light at the intersection.
God is the clouds in the sky.
God is the words that flow from my mind.
God is the kindness when I see someone in pain.
God is the wisdom in the minds of men.
God is the morality that guides me.
God is the consciousness that speaks to me.
God is the music that pours from these speakers.
God is the pen in my hand.
God is the dog sleeping next to me.
God is the friend who speaks well of me.
God is the darkness of the night.
God is the light of the day.
God is the space between atoms.
God is the awesome essence of the universe.
God is everywhere, yet is a person and an entity that sees us and is with us.
God restores my love, everyday.