Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Answer is God!

God walks me through dark places,
So I may better perceive his light
God cultivates my soul,
As he delivers me grief and sorrow,
God lifts me up,
When I am at my lowest,
To show me that I need him in my life,
God sees me roaming the wilderness seeking an answer,
And calls out to me "this way!"
God is the owl that I chase through the dark murky forest
God stands at my bed side,
As I sleep quietly he touches my mind,
I see dreams of his glory and peace,
His angels pray for me as I wake up groggy,
He watches as I make coffee and let out my dog,
He smiles as I read his book,
He touches my computer and leads my eyes,
To wondrous truth of his presence,
God points out the window to the snow falling,
Urging me to see the beauty of his creation
God hears my every word inward and outward,
So he may know my soul through and through,
He follows me as I drive and listens to the thoughts I have,
His presence fills my heart when I meditate on his love,
He opens my heart with profound revelation,
He adds to me slowly, the things he knows I can be,
God sees my journeys about the town,
Always suggesting to me the right way to go
God delivers me to dark sadness and trial,
To build my faith and trust in his works,
Time and again he appears,
As Jesus on the water,
To remind me again and again,
That in the hardest times he will appear,
And save me from utter destruction
God suggests to me peace of mind,
Though I struggle so to receive it,
God gives evidence constantly of his grace for me,
So that I may have that total peace,
Of knowing that no matter what- I will always be under his care.
God is the cavern in my dreams,
Showing me the places where Jesus dwelt,
God is the writing on the walls speaking truth and mercy,
God holds no punishment for me, only teaches me through trial,
God is a loving God, a whole God, a complete God of wisdom.