Saturday, February 16, 2013

Six Alternative Media Websites to Trust for your News

The extreme bias in the mainstream television networks and their companion websites has become all too apparent to the average American in the past four years. The distrust in mainstream media has exploded in the past year. The Gallup poll in 2011 was at 47% who did not trust the mainstream news. In 2012, the number has jumped to 60%. The 60% answered that they have little or no trust in mainstream news.

Americans have realized there is a huge gap between what is actually happening in the country, and what is being reported. The mainstream media has refused to report on things like the indefinite detention of American citizens NDAA bill, the miraculous recovery of Iceland when they imprisoned their bankers, the mass protests across Europe, the protests in Mexico, the economic troubles of California, fraud in the primaries and presidential election, anything related to the Federal Reserve, the extreme debt the country is in, and the biggest issue that is drawing people to alternative media, the economic situation. The mainstream continues to downplay the economic troubles, and divert attention elsewhere.

With this trend continuing, alternative news websites have gained intense new followings. This is a list of some of the best sites to find alternative news, from my experience. I gauged the websites on reliability, adherence to fact, popularity, and usage. Click the titles to go directly to the websites and see for yourself!

1. The Raw Story - This website is probably my favorite for getting the political news I need and deserve. It covers a lot of international political news, but also plenty of US news. It has smaller subcategories in technology, science, media, and culture. It's becoming one of the most popular alternative news websites, with a great layout and following.

2. The Daily Beast - This news site won the 2012 Webby award for best news site with a nomination in editorial writing. It's much more critical of politicians and corporations, and government overall. The mainstream tend to play softball, especially when a scandal shows up. The Daily Beast is willing to take on the hard issues, and get the real news out there. It covers news, entertainment, business, fashion, and other topics. The layout is pretty good as well, though sometimes busy.

3. Examiner
- The examiner is a great news source all around. It's got news on almost every subject, and it won't ignore certain topics like the mainstream websites do. It's very open and the articles are generally high quality. The layout is accessible and easy on the eyes.

4. Drudge Report - Though not a personal favorite, Drudge Report is listed at 15th in the most popular news sites on the web with fourteen million unique views per month. This is unprecedented for a website that isn't built particularly well, has a strong bias, and isn't particularly mainstream accessible. The articles are fairly good quality. It's focus is political, concentrating on global events and troubling news within the United States. You'll find conspiracy information and bigger scandals that mainstream outlets won't even touch. All political. The design isn't that accessible, but it's doable.

5. Natural News - This alternative news site focuses on health mainly, but also contains many other categories like politics and entertainment. As their slogan says, it's run by the people. There are a lot of great articles here, and they use a quality layout format. Natural News is getting to the popularity level of The Raw Story and Infowars quickly.

6. Infowars - Though highly slanted and not always entirely factual, Infowars has become the most popular alternative news website ranking 526 in USA on Alexa. It is somewhat sensational and includes podcasts and videos from creator Alex Jones. Good layout, and definitely a good source for expository journalism. Conservative lean.

Others Mentioned: RT, C-SPAN, PrisonPlanet, Huffington Post, Jerry,, AlterNet,, The Daily Paul, Positive News, BBC

There are many other alternative news websites to look into, but these are most popular, accessible, and reliable by my estimation. Read and enjoy. Learn and know!